How To Renew Granite Countertops?

Jun 7, 2021 | Granite Countertop Renewal

How To Renew Granite Countertops

You all love your granite countertop. It doesn’t only provide a great surface to work on but is also the focal point of the kitchen. Whenever any guests come over, they always comment about the granite countertop. Hence, it must look its best all the time.

However, in case, it has cracks or stains, can granite countertops be refinished? Yes, you can refinish your granite countertop. If you want to know how to renew a granite countertop, then read this blog.

How Do You Make Granite Look New Again?

♦ Preparation For Granite Resurfacing & Sealing

Before you want to start the granite resurfacing and sealing process, check the granite countertop for oil stains. To remove these stains from the countertop, mix equal parts of acetone and baking soda. Apply this thick paste on oil stains and let it sit for 24 hours. Lastly, brush the paste and rinse it to see the stain gone.

Sometimes, you may see that your granite countertop has chipped off from some places. If these cracks and holes are big, then you need to fill them up with clear epoxy. After applying the epoxy, let it sit on the countertop till it is completely dry. Later, sand the place with the finest grit paper to give a smooth finish.

♦ Granite Resurfacing & Sealing Process

⇒ Start the granite countertop resurfacing process by applying a good amount of scrubbing compound. Use an abrasive pad to work the compound into the countertop. After scrubbing it, let the compound sit for 5 minutes, then remove it using a microfiber cloth.
⇒ Pour the crystallizer into a spray bottle and spray it over the countertop. Spread it evenly using a microfiber cloth.
⇒ In the last step, pour a good amount of sealer onto the granite countertop and smear it all over using a scrubbing pad. Let the sealant sit for 5 minutes for it properly soak into the pores of the stone. Wipe off the product before it dries with a microfiber cloth.

Easiest Way To Renew Granite Countertops? Hire Professional!

Although there is a granite countertop cleaning and maintenance guide available, however following every step every day is hard. On top of that renewing them on your own seems simple but takes a lot of effort and time, that you don’t have.

In this case, hire granite countertop renewal experts from Chem-Dry Bexar County in San Antonio. We use organic, non-toxic cleaning methods and agents that make your granite-like new in just one wash.

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