Does White Granite Turn Yellow?

Sep 24, 2021 | Granite Countertop Renewal

Does White Granite Turn Yellow?

With time, granite can lose its original luster if it is not properly maintained. Granite is a beautiful addition to your home, although they need regular maintenance. A simple solution to prevent staining is to apply a nontoxic granite sealer. This prevents the granite from absorbing the stain and gives you time to clean it.

Does white granite turn yellow? If you are worried about this question, then read the best tips here on removing light and dark yellow stains easily from your granite countertops.

How To Remove Yellow Stains On Granite?

♦ Cleaning Process For Light Stains

Letting certain spills on your countertops sit for a prolonged period can cause light stains. You only need three products to remove them.

1) Spray bottle
2) Mild soap
3) Microfiber cloth

To the spray bottle, add one teaspoon of soap and four cups of water. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the excess water to not have any residue watermarks.

To clean grease from the countertops; add one cup of cold water and one cup of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Alcohol is safe for granite and it also breaks down the oil stain. After applying the solution, you need to wipe the surface clean with the former soap and water solution.

♦ Cleaning Process For Dark Stains

Stains like mustard, red wine and other carbonated drinks can be difficult to clean with just the soap solution. Therefore, to renew such granite countertops you need to create a stain-removal paste. For this, in a bowl make a thick paste of,

1) Baking soda
2) Hydrogen peroxide

Cover the stain with this mixture and secure it with plastic wrap. You need to let this mixture dry completely over 24 hours before cleaning it.

Can You Whiten Granite?

As each granite is different, you need to care for them accordingly to not damage them. Thus the best way to clean granite countertops is to hire professional services.

Chem-Dry of Bexar County does best granite countertop stain removal and guarantees to whiten the yellowed granite. Besides renewing the lost luster of your granite, our professionals will remove 98% of the germs that might be present in your countertops.

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