Granite Countertop Renewal Look After Stain Cleaning

Feb 8, 2022 | Granite Countertop Renewal

Granite Countertop Renewal Look After Stain Cleaning

Did you ever notice that granite is available in a variety of densities? Some stones are porous while others are not. A granite countertop will absorb much of the dust and grime from the kitchen. This makes it appear dull and no matter how hard you scrub. This will only make your countertop look dirty and dull over time. Thus, you need to have granite countertop renewal regularly.

Since granite is a permeable stone, some producers use a strong resin seal to avoid damage by filling the pores. Others only seal the more porous granite slabs and polish the less porous granite. Sanding is used in the finishing process to get a glass-like sheen. You don’t want to destroy the sheen of your granite, regardless of how it was done.

Ideas To Clean Stains From Granite Countertops 

  • Wipe Up The Spills Immediately

If you discover a spillage on your granite, blot it up and wipe it with heated water and a little dish soap as early as possible. Because granite is a permeable stone, liquids will ultimately seep into it if left to stand for enough length of time. Being watchful might help you avoid having to deal with spots with the hard lesson. It is necessary to include granite countertop cleaning in the daily to-do cleaning list for easy maintenance.

  • No Harsh Chemicals

On your countertops, avoid using any strong or rough cleaners, brushes, or scrubbing agents. Chemical solvents like vinegar and ammonia, and also acids, can erode and degrade the proficient polish, along with entering the granite and causing irreversible damage.

After you’ve finished preparing your meal, just wipe down your granite countertops with a granite-safe cleanser. Use a gentle microfiber cloth, a towel, a nylon paintbrush (for difficult stains), or a viable rubbing pad to wipe your granite. The best way to take care of granite countertops is to get them cleaned professionally once in a while.

  • Clean With Warm Water & Dish Soap

Soak a cloth in water and sprinkle a small amount of cleanser on the countertop or your cloth. To cover the area, wipe it down once. To prevent dispersed food, filth, and oil, squeeze your cloth in freshwater regularly. Eliminate any soap leftovers off the countertop by rinsing your rag and wiping it down with new water when you’ve done with the wash. This process will help to bring the shine back to granite if done frequently.

  • Disinfect

Mixture cleaning and disinfecting solutions frequently produce traces and can harm the natural stone. Combine a mild antimicrobial soapy water with warm water and wipe down your counters to sanitize them. Use specialized granite cleaner to prevent or eliminate streaks.

Contact our granite top maintenance for more information on protecting and cleaning granite worktops. We’re proud to be your go-to supplier for greater washing, sealant application, and polishing supplies, with a three-generation heritage of stone care expertise.

  • Seal The Countertop

You’ll like to start taking care of the counter initially if it isn’t sealed or the sealant has worn off. This is an essential step in granite top maintenance.

A layer of sealer is applied to most granite countertop surfaces. The holes in the stone are sealed by this top coating. Resealing your granite countertops from two to four years is the key to maintaining them clean. When wiping up spills gets tough or droplets of water don’t stick up anymore, it’s time to seal your counters again.

Although it is feasible to reseal granite countertops manually, you will get good outcomes if you employ a professional to do so. A professional knows the best way to perform granite countertop renewal with the best sealants available.

What is the best homemade cleaner for granite?

It is recommended by the experts to use a homemade cleaner for cleaning stains from a granite countertop.

To prepare a homemade cleaner for granite countertops, the following process is recommended;

To a sprayer bottle of water, pour a small amount of gentle dishwashing liquid. Also, add rubbing alcohol in the mix to assist it to dry quickly and sterilize it. For eliminating germs, removing oil, and maintaining the shine, make a mixture of 3 parts of water to 1 part of alcohol and 1/2 teaspoon dishwashing liquid. Make a mixture using baking soda and water to remove stains from your granite. Baking soda is a non-abrasive, inherently deodorizing cleaner. Just make a soft mixture with just sufficient water, spread on the area in small circles, then clean off with a soft fabric or tissue napkin.

To get your granite countertop cleaned professionally, hire Chem-Dry of Bexar County. Our professional cleaners know the best ways to get stains off a granite surface. Our cleaning products are completely safe for the surface as well as you, pets, and kids as well.

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