Granite Countertop Cleaning And Maintenance Guide

Mar 17, 2022 | Granite Countertop Renewal

Granite Countertop Cleaning And Maintenance Guide

Among the numerous choices you have for regular stone countertops, granite is one of the least demanding. As it is easier to clean and maintain. While you should put in more effort, they require less than what’s needed for other materials. Nevertheless, it is important to perform granite countertop maintenance regularly. 

Granite countertops are both durable and lovely. That is why they are preferred by homeowners who are looking for the perfect natural stone for their countertops. This is also perfect for someone who is redesigning his/her kitchen. 

Because granite is a natural stone, its maintenance differs from that of other stone surfaces. As a result, if you handle it carelessly, it will become discolored or scratched. To maintain granite looking its best and brightest, some effort is required.

So here’s a granite countertop cleaning and maintenance guide that talks about important aspects of it.

Important Aspects of Granite Countertop Cleaning And Maintenance

  • Low-Key Cleaning

Use a lint-free cloth or paper towel and a granite cleaning product to clean the counter consistently. Clean the dry region with a different clean cloth and vice versa. Try not to use abrasive cleaners, which can spoil the sealant on the rock. So be careful about what you choose for taking care of granite countertops.

  • Spills

In the kitchen, spills on the granite are an everyday event. But the speedier you tidy them up, the less likely harm comes to your countertop. Make sure to blotch, not wipe, in light of the fact that cleaning can spread the spill. The lesser the mess, the easier it will be for you to keep it clean. If you have a stain mark from a spill that won’t go away, call a professional granite cleaner. 

  • Heat

Granite countertops are amazingly sturdy. So if you set a hot dish on it momentarily, it won’t get harmed. Yet, it’s ideal to use a thick cloth underneath when putting a warmed skillet down for a long time. Rocks are susceptible to high changes in temperature and can hurt or even break because of intense heat. You might wonder if “professional granite cleaners near me could help” in any way. They can certainly help you to restore a broken or damaged granite countertop with efficiency and perfection. 

  • Sealing

To keep your granite countertop protected from dirt accumulation and staining, seal them regularly with a stone sealer. You can do this at regular intervals of a year, yet remember not to over-seal the granite. If your granite is dark-colored, it will be denser, less permeable, and less in danger of staining than lighter-colored granite.

Do granite countertops need maintenance?

Granite worktops are the show-stoppers in any shower room or dining room, but countertops must be cared for properly to maintain their perfect shiny condition. Granite’s longevity is one of the factors why it is so popular among property owners, but it still requires upkeep to maintain its gloss. 

Chem-Dry of Bexar County offers professional granite countertop cleaning & maintenance services.  Our top-rated granite countertops cleaning and maintenance services use all the safety precautions. Our Expert granite stone cleaners use good-quality cleaning material and equipment to clean your countertops.

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