Why Do You Need Professionals For Area Rug Cleaning?

May 6, 2022 | Area Rug Cleaning

Why Do You Need Professionals For Area Rug Cleaning_

Area rugs come in different fabrics, styles, designs, patterns, and colors. They add to the home’s beauty and zest. You might be confused when you visit the market to buy them. A simple rug in any room amps up its appeal manifolds.

While they sure are attractive, they also demand maintenance. Shag, fur, or silk rugs are expensive and delicate. They are not easy to clean at home. Instead, cotton and jute rugs are easy to clean at home. Rugs in high traffic areas are prone to stains and heavy soiling.

Thus, you cannot clean them to perfection at home every time. For a truly deeper clean, you need to hire a professional firm. Professionals for area rug cleaning are well-trained and experienced. Moreover, they have the right equipment, techniques, and cleaning supplies.

Let us look at why professionals are ideal for rug cleaning below.

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Area Rug Cleaning

↠ Professional Cleaning Prevents Mold

Mold is the black-colored dots occasionally seen on damp walls. It is potentially hazardous to human health.

Mold and mildew thrive in wet environments. Sometimes, mold is not visible on the surface till it infests the entire rug. You shall need an expert rug cleaning firm to help in such cases.

Professional rug cleaners have advanced machinery. They can easily detect mold growth. Rug cleaners usually first inspect the area rugs before they start cleaning. During this, they spot mold, stains, and torn areas. The professional cleaning process has various steps to clean.

Post-inspection, they vacuum the rug thoroughly. Then, they tailor their cleaning process based on the type of rug and cleaning requirements. A properly cleaned area rug would be free of mold spores and humidity. You can rest assured as they are experts in their rug cleaning process.

↠ It Revitalizes Old Rugs

You might have got a couple of old rugs at home. Just because they appear faded and worn out, you rolled them up. And, they might look aged even though you washed them thoroughly. Defeated, you might feel they are worth throwing away.

One can have the rugs revitalized with professional cleaning. The area rug cleaning procedure entails several steps. They use special rug shampoos that suit your rug type. The colors look new after a good scrub with shampoo and a rinse.

 Added to this, the cleaners also groom the rug. They set the nap and align the fringes. Area rug grooming also includes fluffing and shearing.

The cleaners cut the tips of worn-out or damaged yarn. It evens out the rug pile. Also, they brush the rug with a carpet rake. It helps to delay the traffic patterns from recurring early.  As a result of grooming, your area rug appears new and fresh.

↠ Preserves Colors

Area rugs are usually rich in colors. There are multiple patterns and details to them. Synthetic area rugs might at once come with a color protector coating. But handwoven rugs can bleed colors. Thus, one needs to take extreme care while washing them.

Area rug cleaning at home might lead to color mixing. When you use improper cleaning agents, it can lead to color bleeding. It is crucial to understand; which cleaning agent is suitable for which rug type to prevent this. Apart from this, each rug demands a unique cleaning technique. Using the wrong method can harm its colors easily.

Professional area rug cleaners have custom techniques. They use commercial-grade machinery to clean the rugs. Also, they have special cleaning agents suitable for different rug types. The correct combination of method, machinery, and cleaning agent is crucial to reviving the colors.

Correct rug shampoo and machinery ensure colors do not bleed and mix. And the appropriate technique ensures the colors do not fade. Further, they have color protector solutions to retain the colors as new. All these ensure that your rug’s colors remain as good as new.

↠ Deeper & Proper Clean

When you clean area rugs at home, you vacuum, wash, and dry them. This method is effective only if the area rugs are moderately dirty. But, heavily soiled oriental rugs need a deeper cleaning. For this, you need something more robust than a simple house vacuum.

Expert area rug cleaners possess industrial-grade machinery. Post-inspection, the cleaners decide the cleaning method based on the rug type. Some rug materials require a gentle clean while others can withstand a vigorous one.

Experts curate the cleaning methods keeping these points in mind. They have the experience to adequately clean your area rugs while not harming their fabric or colors.

↠ Timely Repair & Maintenance

While cleaning, you are bound to notice the wear and tear. There might be holes, scratches, or torn yarn visible. You might easily clean the rug, but what about the rug repairs? Professional rug cleaning can help you spot more problems than your eyes can see.

Professional rug cleaners spot all the signs of wear and tear. They also suggest the required repairs. Moreover, their cleaning process ensures that your area rugs deal no further damage. They can also help you spot persistent problems like an underlying mold infestation.

Timely repair and maintenance prolong the longevity of rugs. Oriental rugs, like other household items, require maintenance. Professionals take care to cut out protruding yarn strands and sew up the holes to prevent further damage. They also help you spot the visible signs that show your carpet needs repair.


Professional area rug cleaning makes a marked difference. It is because ordinary house cleaning cannot extract deep-rooted dust and grime. Moreover, antique rugs need special care and cleaning techniques. One may damage it while attempting to clean it at home. Thus, it is better to hire professional rug cleaning services.

Area rugs are known to last for decades. It is achievable for your home rugs as well. You only need to clean them professionally and follow expert advice. Shake your area rugs frequently. Flip them annually to even out the wear. Avoid bringing shoes and dirty feet on them. Blot up any spills or stains as soon as they occur. These practices will help you to minimize the damage to your precious rugs.

Care and advice from professionals for area rug cleaning will help you maintain your rugs for decades. The cleaners make every effort to revive and restore your oriental rugs to their former glory. It is not possible without advanced cleaning strategies. All this enables you to pass on the cherished area rug to the next generation.

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