Why Does My House Smells Like Cat Pee?

Jul 13, 2021 | Pet Urine Odor Removal, Pet Urine Removal Treatment

Why Does My House Smells Like Cat Pee

With a feline friend sharing your home, there are times when your home smells like cat pee. This essentially becomes a problem when your cat doesn’t pee inside the litter box. The smell of cat urine is extremely hard to remove and even harder to mask.

But why does my house smell like cat pee when I don’t own a pet? There are a few reasons for that. If you want to know the answer to this question, read the article below. Further, learn old cat urine odor removal home remedies, here.

Why Does Cat Pee Smell?

As mentioned above, your home smells of cat pee whether you own a cat or not due to certain reasons. One of the key reasons for this is mold growing inside your house. Many times when it rains my house smells like pee due to the high percentage of moisture and improper ventilation system.

To know how to get rid of pet urine smell, you first need to understand what causes it to smell so bad.

  • Cat pee becomes more stinky with time as the urine decomposes and produces an ammonia-like smell. Then, the further it decomposes, the worse the smell becomes.
  • Older cat’s kidneys don’t work well, as a result, their urine stinks badly.
  • Another reason for the stinkiness of male cat pee is because of the presence of testosterone hormones in it.
  • In case you don’t own a cat and still, your home smells like one. This happens because mold smells like cat pee.

Remedies To Remove Cat Pee Smell From Home

◊ Vinegar

Vinegar is a great item to remove or mask the smell of cat pee. This works for spayed cats as well. The acidity in the vinegar balances out the alkaline salts present in the dried urine stains. Mix vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio and spray it over the affected area. The smell will disappear in a few days.

Remedies To Remove Cat Pee Smell

◊ Enzyme-Based Cleaners

In case the cat has peed over your carpets, cushions, linens, mattress, or upholstery, then you need an enzyme-based cleaner to remove the smell from it. The enzymes break down the acid in the cat pee. Hence, the smell goes away. Make sure that the affected area smells clean and not of cat or cat pee.

Professional Pet Urine Odor Removal Services

The third and most effective way to get rid of cat pee is by hiring professional pet urine odor removal as they use powerful UV light technology. This helps to identify all the affected areas, which helps the professionals to remove all the cat urine spots and smells from your home effectively.

If you have a cat and are fed up with your home smelling like pet pee all the time, then contact Chem-Dry Bexar County. We are the No #1 pet urine smell removal service in San Antonio. Our trained professionals use the latest technology and pet-safe cleaning methods to provide you with a fresh-smelling home.

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