Which Are The Different Upholstery Cleaning Methods?

Aug 17, 2021 | Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Methods

Furniture in the living room is the focal point in your home. It is the first thing that your guests notice when they enter your home. It means that it should be a priority to make it look its best.

But, no matter how hard you try to clean and maintain your furniture, accidents happen. If you have kids and pets, it’s even harder to keep your furniture clean and tidy. Over time your upholstery is bound to get dirty. Stains and accumulated dust can make your upholstery fabric unattractive and dull.

However, regular upholstery cleaning can remove accumulated dirt and stain from your furniture. But to prolong the life of your furniture, you can adopt different upholstery cleaning methods for deep cleaning.

Professional furniture cleaning always ensures the comfort and beauty of your sofa. It increases the lifespan of upholstery and makes it a healthy place to live without dirt and germs. So read this blog to understand the different sofa cleaning methods to clean your upholstery properly.

Four Of The Best Upholstery Cleaning Methods

1) Carbonation Cleaning

The carbonation cleaning process involves low moisture, a superheated carbonating solution with millions of microscopic bubbles. As a result, carbonating solutions penetrate deep into your upholstery and remove all the dust and debris. This natural cleaning process ensures that your sofa is returned to its original state. Carbonating cleaning process is a safe and effective method using less amount of water to clean your upholstery.

2) Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaning process is a safe and non-toxic way to clean your furniture. The procedures include high-temperature steam which removes dust and all other contaminants from the surface of your sofa. This method also helps to remove excess moisture. As a result, shrinkage is significantly reduced and helps to clean different upholstery fabrics. So, it is one of the quickest and cost-effective upholstery cleaning methods for deep cleaning.

3) Dry Foam Cleaning

The dry foam solution is applied to your upholstery and allows you to rest for a while. It worked on the tough stains and pollutants that are clogged in your upholstery. Subsequently, the sofa is cleaned through vacuuming, and you will get a fresh and clean sofa. The risk of moisture damage is low due to dry foam cleaning. Thus, it is a popular choice among customers.

4) Dry Cleaning

It is different from other upholstery cleaning methods. This cleaning process includes cleaning without the use of water. Here, chemical cleaning powder is applied to your sofa, then worked into the stain and dirt. After that, the powder is vacuum up, eliminating all the unusual stains and allergens from your upholstery. It is an effective and easy method to clean your furniture because it does not involve any water. Therefore, it does not require any drying time.

How Do Professionals Clean Upholstery?

Professionals use a natural cleaning method and solutions to extract dirt, pollutants from your upholstery without causing damage to the fabric. These cleaning solutions are non-toxic and also safe for your children and pets.

We provide the best upholstery cleaning service. It removes the allergens from your upholstery. We also use hot water extraction methods to pull out dirt particles and give a long-lasting, clean, and fresh sofa for your home.

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