Powerful Pet Urine Odor Removal Using UV Light Technology

Mar 3, 2021 | Pet Urine Odor Removal

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Have pets at home? Then, you surely must have dealt with pet urine problems. The problem with them is that you only have to deal with pet urine stains but also with the nasty odor. The odor of pet urine is so potent that it easily spreads all-around your house and affects your health.

Thankfully, there is an amazing way to get rid of this nasty smell without harming your household items. This safe and prominent pet urine odor removal method uses UV light technology. This powerful technology helps to identify and remove all the pet stains sticking out.

What’s The Pet Urine Odor Removal Using UV Light Technology?

The purpose of using UV light technology is to find all the places where the pets have urinated. Ideally, some places are hidden and you can’t identify these places through your naked eye. Here, UV light helps to catch all these sources so that pet urine odor removal technicians can remove them effectively.

How is Pet Urine Odor Removal Using UV Light Technology Works?

The pet odor removal specialists will inspect your carpet or upholstery using UV light technology to locate the sources of odor. This technology helps to find problematic areas containing pet urine deposits. Next, carpet or upholstery is rinsed to start the cleaning process using the suitable cleaning process.

The cleaning process allows the technician to extract out all the excessive pet urine crystals from deep inside. Then, they apply pet odor removal products on each stain to remove any leftover urine crystals. This helps to keep your upholstery or carpet clean and free of pet urine and odor.

UV Light Technology

Reliable Pet Urine Odor Removal Services In San Antonio!

There are only very few pet urine odor removal companies that use UV light technology in San Antonio. Chem-Dry Bexar County is one of them. Using our successful P.U.R.T (Pet urine removal treatment) method, we remove pet mess from the carpets or upholsteries completely.

Get this amazing pet urine odor removal service for your property by calling at (210) 680-4891. Our chief cleaning consultant will guide you through the whole cleaning process. Besides that, keep in touch with us by following us on social channels like Twitter.

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