What Are The Tips And Tricks For Dealing Stain Removal At Home?

Nov 2, 2021 | Stain Removal


Different kinds of stains and spills occur in your house while you play, eat, walk, or do work. The main thing is not their occurrence, but their immediate removal from the surface after they are formed. Also, when the stain is formed on your carpets or upholstery, their immediate removal will not harm the fabric. Learn here the top 3 tips to do effective stain removal at home.

Top 3 Tricks For Effective Stain Removal At Home

1. Blot Preliminary Stains Quickly

Stains formed from baby food, blood, butter, candy, candle wax, caramel, chewing gum, coffee, chocolate, cosmetics, etc. are all considered preliminary stains. The best tip for the removal of these stains is to blot them immediately with some paper towel or clean cloth.

Now, if the stains occurred on silk, wool, or rayon-type carpets, then do dry clean or spot treatment on it. Try to use light solutions first before you switch to hard treatments for stain removal.

2.  Using Stain Remover Mixtures

The best cleaning solution for doing stain removal at home is mixing equal parts of vinegar, dishwashing detergent, and water. Almost all types of food stains can be removed using this solution. If you wish to remove protein, use ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, detergent, and water mixture.

Moreover, rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, vinegar are effective to remove mild bleach stains. But, avoid mixing vinegar/ammonia with bleach to remove any other stain. Even to clean chocolate stains from the carpet, you can use detergent and warm water mixture.

3.  Removing Emergency First Aid Stains

Mainly, emergency stains include acid, acrylic paints, adhesive gum, burnt marks, etc. So, when you get some solid stain on your carpets or upholsteries, then first scrape it from the surface. Then, blot if the liquid remains inside the stain.

Also, the strategy to blot a stain with a paper towel starts from the outside area to the inside area. This will prevent the stain from further spreading on the surface. Baking soda is good to remove acid stains, while nail polish remover can clean paint or gum stains. For burnt marks, you can soak the affected surface in hydrogen peroxide solution.

How Do You Remove Natural Stains At Home?

Some of the best home remedies to remove stains naturally at home are using vinegar, hot water, lemon, and hydrogen peroxide cleaners as shown above. While some stubborn stains cannot be cleared using these homemade cleaners, professional help is a must.

While living in San Antonio, you can always trust the amazing carpet or upholstery stain removal experts like Chem-Dry of Bexar County. We always use the latest equipment and cleaners to remove all your hard or light stains from any surface.

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