Area Rug Cleaning Cost 2021 Version

Jun 17, 2021 | Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Cost 2021 Version

Getting tired of looking at your dirty area rugs? Well, it is time to clean the dirtiest rugs in a professional way. However, being a homeowner or business owner, there is a budget you assign for professional cleaning. For that, you need to determine how often should area rugs be cleaned and the area rug cleaning cost in your area.

In concerns with the cost of area rugs, a professional mainly charges anywhere from $1.64 to $7.12 per square foot. However, the price of the service varies from region to region and depends on many other external factors.

Why is Rug Cleaning So Expensive? Here Are The Reasons!

Area rug cleaning cost slightly more than carpet cleaning. There are various reasons for this. Area rugs are made up of both natural and synthetic materials, whereas most people prefer to purchase synthetic material carpets. So, the difference in the material influences the cost of cleaning them.

Here are other factors that influence the price of area rug cleaning.

♦ Size of The Area Rug

Most professional area rug cleaners offer a discounted price if the size of the area rug is huge. This works well in the favor of commercial space owners. However, small house owners pay more price for area rug cleaning as the size of the area rug is significantly small.

♦ Material of The Area Rug

Like we mentioned above, area rugs are made of both natural and synthetic materials. Most area rugs made of natural materials are handwoven and therefore more delicate. Hence, the area rug cleaning cost for them is higher than area rugs made in factories or of synthetic material.

♦ Additional Services

There are many additional services that an area rug owner can get. For instance, pad cleaning, Teflon protection, anti-allergen treatment, wool treatment, topical deodorization, antimicrobial/disinfectant. Do bear in mind that these extra services come with extra cost.

Contact Top Rated Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services In San Antonio!

Now that you know how much area rug cleaning is likely to cost you, contact professional area rug cleaners from Chem-Dry Bexar County. We use EPA-approved cleaning products and practices to deliver clean area rugs to our clients in San Antonio.

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